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Over 50% of children suffer from an invisible threat. 460,000 families have joined First Day's 30-day nutrition challenge to fight it. Are you in?


"I didn’t think there would be anything noticeably different, but there is! This has been a game changer for our 5 year old son."

Kids Daily Enrichment
Kids Daily Enrichment
Kids Daily Enrichment
Kids Daily Enrichment
Kids Daily Enrichment
Kids Daily Enrichment
Kids Daily Enrichment
Kids Daily Enrichment
Kids Daily Enrichment
Kids Daily Enrichment

Clinically researched ingredients shown to be nearly 2x more effective at supporting development

  • 12 REAL organic fruits & veggies
  • 9 key vitamins every child needs
  • Delicious strawberry & orange flavour

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If You're a Parent, You NEED to Read This.

If You're a Parent, You NEED to Read This.


If your kids have trouble sleeping, focusing, or behaving...
They may be suffering from something COMPLETELY invisible to the human eye. The United Nations Children's Fund has called this discovery... The "Hidden Hunger"
And here's what's shocking about it...

It has less to do with how much you feed your kids and so much more to do with the QUALITY of that food. You see, if you're like most parents, you probably long surrendered to your kids at the kitchen table. Chicken nuggets, pizza, fries, you name it. It can be so easy to fall into the same pattern.

But here's the thing, none of that stuff gives your kids what they truly need to grow.
And when parents DON'T address this gap immediately...
It can lead to severe (and sometimes irreversible) consequences. The below discovery is just one of MANY potential impacts to poor health.


Kids with low levels of vitamin D were nearly TWICE as likely to exhibit aggression as they got older. - University of Michigan Researchers

Here's What You Need to Do About It

To fight the devastation that's hidden hunger, you need to give your kids a CONSISTENT source of REAL fruits and vegetables. Every. Single. Day. And the best way to do that? By supplementing with the best formulated multivitamin. In fact, one study (published in the National Library of Medicine) found that kids who supplemented... resulted in 47% less delinquent behavior. But here's the thing: most vitamins are outdated from over 50 years ago!! For your kids to actually get the benefits from vitamins, you need the most natural and highest absorption forms of vitamins you can get. Luckily... After 2 years of development 35,000 clinical research studies $40,000 from our own savings and 17 prototypes That vitamin finally exists. Meet First Day: Your secret weapon to ending parenting guilt and fighting hidden hunger! It's made with ingredients to support physical, mental, and emotional development.*

Picture Giving your Kids All the Fruits & Veggies They Need in Just 7 Seconds

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Better Health = Better Households

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Parents all over the world are going crazy for these gummies. Because after supporting better health on a consistent basis, they are seeing...

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Behavior Development

With kids getting less and less sunlight, supplementing Vitamin D is more important than ever

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Stable Moods

Supplementing with Vitamin B9 can help improve mood, energy, initiative, alertness, and concentration

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Better Sleep

50% of kids don't get the recommended amount of sleep! Vitamin D, C, and B6 support a well-rested child

Screenshot 2024-07-06 205322.png__PID:2d3e04da-c519-4597-a3fd-a809b664c109

Mental Health

B12 keeps the body’s blood cells healthy and plays a critical role in brain function and development.

In 2024, over 460,000 parents switched to First Day, taking the guesswork out of nutrition. 55+ million gummies were sold :)


"Picky eaters approved!"

All 3 of my picky eaters happily eat these daily and actually have made the comments that they wish they could eat the whole bag bc of how delicious they taste.

It's been such a struggle finding a vitamin they won't fight me on taking daily that isn't chock-full of sugar & artificial junk.
I can confidently give them these & feel good that they're getting nutrition in when they're so picky about everything else healthy I try to give them. Highly recommend First Day!

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"You never fully realize how much is affected by..."

We realized our kid's diet had way too much sugar, which affected our everyday life. So, we were recommended to First Day
Our son loves the way they taste and smell. We also enjoy the smell. As my husband said they smell like good food.

 You never fully realize how much is affected by nutrients or lack thereof in our foods until you see the change from the balance you thought was there. We are so glad to have found First Day 💖

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"We were afraid that..."

My son is a picky eater and we were afraid he was not getting enough nutrients to have a healthy body and mind.

He was a completely different child once he was healthy. He also was a chewer and had elevated lead levels due to our dining room table and chairs.

 I highly recommend this vitamin for all children



First Day has become the #1 multivitamin for so many parents. And it could be the perfect fit for you.

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Don't postpone your child's future.


45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee - Or Your Money Back

We’re so confident in Daily Enrichment helping you get the results you want that we want it to be absolutely risk-free for you. If after 45 days, you find yourself not completely satisfied, we’ll give you your money back - no questions asked.

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Alice Founder of First Day